Benefits for Service Businesses

Q1: What is the true benefit for the vendors (or service businesses) working with

A1: Most service businesses experience a significant decrease in business during weekdays or non-peak hours, typically from 10 AM to 5 PM. Therefore, offering steep discounts on a few services could attract more customers. This strategy also enables them to sell additional services or offerings at regular prices. consistently sells vouchers in bulk, not just individually. offers products and services at a minimum of 50% off, attracting a large customer base. This model allows vendors to sell services at a steep discount, drawing customers to their stores. Additionally, vendors can package services, combining discounted and regular-priced offerings, optimizing sales and customer attraction. 

Q2: What is the bulk voucher sale proposal on

A2: The proposal allows vendors to offer services at a minimum of 50% off the actual price through vouchers, which customers can purchase in bulk (e.g., sets of 5 or 10).

Q3: What types of services can be offered through these vouchers?

A3: Any service, including salons, spas, cafes, restaurant chains, and dental services, car cleaning, home cleaning, laundry, health checkups, especially focusing on non-peak hours (e.g., Monday to Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM).

Q4: Can vendors set specific terms and conditions for voucher usage?

A4: Yes, vendors can define conditions like appointment booking requirements (e.g., 24-hour advance notice), and specific days or times when vouchers can be used.

Q5: How does the voucher verification process work for customers, friends, and family?

A5: Vendors can verify customers and their acquaintances using a phone OTP system for voucher redemption.

Q6: Are there any restrictions on the services that can be offered at a discount through these vouchers?

A6: Vendors can choose which services to offer, but discounts must be at least 50% off the regular price.

Q7: Can vendors limit the number of vouchers available for purchase?

A7: Yes, vendors have the flexibility to limit the number of vouchers based on their capacity and business strategy.

Q8: How will the bulk voucher sales impact the regular pricing and clientele?

A8: The impact varies. The aim is to attract more customers during non-peak hours, potentially increasing overall business without significantly affecting regular pricing and clientele.

Q9: How does support vendors in this voucher system?

A9: facilitates the voucher sale platform, marketing, and customer reach, providing a new channel for vendors to increase sales.

Q10: Are there any fees or commissions involved for vendors in this scheme?

A10: charges a 7% platform fee and pays the vendors the remaining 90% of the transaction value.

Q11: How can vendors track the redemption and effectiveness of these vouchers?

A11: offers vendors a dashboard to access customer details in real-time.

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