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Customer's FAQs

HalfPe.com is a marketplace that offers products at 50% or more discount rates, making it a discount heaven.

To create an account on HalfPe.com, go to the HalfPe.com homepage and click on "Sign Up" in the menu.

To search for products on HalfPe.com, type a keyword or phrase into the search bar on the HalfPe.com homepage. You can also use the filters and sorting options to narrow down your search results based on price, rating, and other factors. We highly recommend you to scroll through the list of the items with a minimum 50% off. You might be amazed with a surprising offers.

To place an order on HalfPe.com, add the desired items to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will need to enter your shipping and payment information, and then review and confirm your order before submitting it.

The delivery time for your order will depend on several factors, such as the availability of the item, and the shipping destination. You can also receive email or text notifications with updates on your delivery status from the delivery partner.

If you need to cancel or modify your order, you can do so within 2 hours from the order confirmation.

In case if you're not interested in shopping with us, you can send a note to delete the account at this Contact Us.

At present, HalfPe.com does NOT offer a return policy due to the steep discounts (with a minimum 50% OFF) offered by its vendors. However, customers can receive a full refund or exchange by notifying the website as long as the item is shipped in a damaged condition or is not what was ordered. The return policies will be changed from time-to-time.

Refund processing time varies based on payment method. Typically, refunds are processed within a few business days after confirming a defective or wrong item against the order.

Vendors FAQs

Holding onto excess goods can negatively affect wholesalers/retailers by reducing cash flow, increasing storage costs, risking damage or obsolescence, and missing opportunities. However, selling excess goods through clearance sales can generate cash, free up storage space, build customer loyalty, and move obsolete stock. Discounts of 50% or more can be effective in attracting customers through platforms like HalfPe.com for several reasons. They create a perception of value, encourage impulse purchases, and can make a product stand out as the best deal available. Limited time offers can also create a sense of urgency, while discounts can act as a marketing tool to attract new customers and clear inventory.

Use overlay text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select image and text that relates to your style and story.

You can sign up to become a Seller/Vendor on HalfPe.com by creating a vendor account and providing necessary information, such as your business name, contact information, and related. You can find the vendor registration link as part of the menu as we all sign up.

HalfPe.com allows vendors to sell a wide range of products, including electronics, home goods, fashion items, sport items, toys, and many more. However, there are some restrictions on certain products, such as hazardous materials, prohibited items, and restricted products.

You can list your products on HalfPe.com by creating a product listing on your vendor account. This involves providing detailed information about your product, such as its title, description, images, price, and discount rate.

Vendors on HalfPe.com are not charged any listing fees, it’s completely FREE. However, a flat success fee of 10% is charged on the total transaction value. Terms apply.

HalfPe.com handles customer service and returns on behalf of vendors and provides customer service support to customers who have purchased products on their platform. Vendors are responsible for managing their own returns and refunds policies.

Vendors can set taxes based on the category of the product. HalfPe.com provides tax options and resources to help vendors set the respective taxes at the Vendor dashboard.

Vendors are responsible for packing the ordered item(s) in good condition. HalfPe.com has various policies and procedures in place to handle disputes between vendors and customers. Vendors are expected to follow HalfPe.com’s policies and guidelines and resolve customer disputes in a timely and professional manner.

HalfPe.com provides a dashboard and reports to help vendors track their sales and performance on the platform, including sales reports and customer feedback.

HalfPe.com provides pickup services for vendors in India through partnerships with over 20 delivery partners. Vendors receive access credentials to the delivery dashboard to print shipping labels. Upon receiving an order confirmation, vendors can package the item and attach the respective shipping label. The delivery partner schedules the time to pick up the item at the retail partner location. The vendor will cross-verify the product/package before handing it to the delivery partner by confirmation number provided by HalfPe.com. Shipping cost will be borne by the customer and/or HalfPe.com. HalfPe.com’s pickup service offers several benefits for vendors, including access to a large network of pickup locations and customers, fast and reliable delivery, and lower shipping costs compared to traditional shipping methods.

HalfPe.com pays vendors weekly, with payments made on the 10th for items delivered to customers between the 1st and 7th, and vice versa (after deducting the flat 10% success fee on the total transaction value). All the prices by the vendors include GST. We prioritize prompt payments and understand the importance of timely payment to our vendors. No need to worry.

HalfPe.com provides several ways to contact customer service including phone and email. You can also access self-service options and help resources through your account dashboard. Still have more questions? Contact us

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